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Remapping and Color-coding Ridgeline Open Space


Throughout April 2019, the Foundation helped Stephen Zukowski raise over $2,000 for an Eagle Scout project at Ridgeline Open Space. The project will remap and color-code the trail network along Steward Trail at Ridgeline Open Space. 

Located in The Meadows neighborhood off of Coachline Road, Ridgeline Open Space offers 13.4 miles of native surface and paved trail to local runners, hikers and mountain bikers. The open space connects to the trail network at Philip S. Miller Park making the two properties a popular destination.

Stephen’s Eagle Scout project to map and color-code the trail network at Ridgeline Open Space will mirror the existing color-coded system at Philip S. Miller Park. Stephen’s intent is to improve trail user safety so emergency responders will be able to better pinpoint user locations when necessary. This project will also improve the ease of navigation for those new or unfamiliar with the existing trail network.

During the project’s planning stage, Stephen met with multiple hiking, biking and community members, as well as volunteer groups to gather input on the remapping. A survey was posted to the Town of Castle Rock’s webpage for feedback on possible loop routes. Out of 135 responses, 74 percent chose the four-colored trail loop system, which will split the existing 13.4 miles into four easily-defined loops.

The Foundation is proud to support Stephen. This worthy project truly represents the mission of the Foundation to enhance the parks, trails and open spaces in Castle Rock.

Stephen has been working with the Town up to this point of the project. The POST Partners Volunteer Program, through the town, supports Boy Scouts ages 15-18 seeking to obtain the rank of Eagle Scout. The Eagle Scout Service Project provides the opportunity for a Boy Scout to demonstrate leadership while performing a project for the benefit of the community. The project represents the culmination of the Scout’s leadership training and should be completed in 2019. 

The Castle Rock Parks and Trails Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the recreational, educational, and cultural life of the community by supporting the town park system. The Foundation raises funds to support park programs, facilities and services; promotes the values and benefits of our town parks; and supports park programs that educate our community.

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