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FitGround Freestandig Exercise Course at Philip S. Miller Park

Take your outdoor workout to a whole new level today!!!

October 2019 Update: The FitGround is installed and fully functional! 

September 2019 Update: The crews are working hard to get the flooring in and the equipment delivered!

June 2019 Update: Work has begun to prepare the ground to construct the FitGround! 

See the latest pictures below.

The Castle Rock Parks and Trails Foundation is excited to announce a partnership with the Town to help bring a FitGround Course to Philip S. Miller Park. 

Since opening in 2014, Philip S. Miller Park has defined itself as a regional destination for self-guided recreation. From mountain biking to trail running and zip lining, the 300-acre outdoor haven attracts millions of visitors annually. One of the park's most prominent draws is a 200-step Challenge Hill that is built into a mountainside; fitness enthusiasts flock to take on the 178-vertical-foot staircase. The addition of a FitGround Course will enhance park users' experience by creating a space to perform resistance exercises. When combined with the trails and the Challenge Hill, users will have the opportunity to get a full-body workout on their own or in a fun group fitness class. 

The FitGround Course will provide body-weight and free-form tools for performing resistance, plyometric or cardio-based exercises. Users will have the flexibility to focus on developing strength, balance, mobility, agility and muscular endurance. FitGround amenities include: cargo nets, a rope climb station, parallel and push-up/inverted row bars, balance steps, plyo-steps, a pull-up station, sled, sit up stations, fingerboard pull ups, and dip bars. 

 The estimated project cost is $70,000. Installation began in the spring of 2019 when the Castle Rock Parks and Recreation Department began work to prepare the area for construction by leveling the ground and implementing the necessary irrigation and sod changes. As the year progressed, equipment was ordered and the structure was installed by the Town's staff, which helped to keep the costs for the project managable! 

Simultaneously, the Parks and Rec department will be working on the project while the Foundation seeks out a Title Sponsor to help fund the project. It is the goal of the Castle Rock Parks and Trails Foundation to find a sponsor willing to give $30,000 for the Naming Rights to the structure.  Email us for more information at:

This project became a reality today because we want to help residents use our Park system to enjoy life, get fit, and get outdoors! Remember, all donations to the Parks and Trails Foundation are tax deductible. 

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